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Looper lists the Most Popular Peanuts Characters from worst to best.

The only problem with the “Peanuts” gang is that some members are more lovable than others. Some of the Shulz [sic] toons are charming and imaginative enough to carry their own feature films, but some don’t have the charisma to carry a single comic strip.

And it is the worst list ever as it starts with…

That’s right -– Charlie Brown is the worst “Peanuts” character. Despite his name being attached to almost every piece of “Peanuts” media there is, the hapless blockhead is by far the least appealing of the whole crew.

Check out the list here (spoiler: #2 isn’t even a character).


Before we leave the Peanuts characters let’s see what some Chicago fans are doing.

After a stretch of heavy snow blanketed the city last week, Hyde Park residents Megan Kennedy and Alexandre Machado decided to brave the cold and mark the end of the workweek with a winter art project at Promontory Point on Friday.

The result: A nearly 3-foot-tall snowy homage to the iconic Peanuts beagle Snoopy relaxing on top of his dog house, complete with a rock for a nose and some craft foam for an ear.

From The Chicago Sun-Times.


The Best Web Comics Around

Pocket-link lists 30 web comics they consider the best. Plenty of familiar comics: The Joy of Tech, Nate Fakes, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, XKCD, Cyanide and Happiness, The Perry Bible Fellowship, and others. But some may be new to you and worth checking out – for example They Can Talk (shown above) is one only recently brought to my attention though it has been around for years.

Checking out the Bored Panda Comics page is recommended. They showcase cartoonists on regular basis with a generous sampling of the comic strips and panels, mostly very good ones.

A few of the web comics featured on the Pocket-lint link and at Bored Panda can be accessed at GoComics, where a new web comic strip has been introduced.

Worry Lines is by ,uh, well we don’t know.

From the GoComics blog introducing the new feature:

The newest addition to GoComics is one that may make you feel a tiny bit better. Thanks to a simple androgynous character whose daily struggles are our daily struggles, Worry Lines‘ cartoons are “sweetly funny, deceptively simple, and instantly relatable.” The anonymous creator began their daily drawings nearly three years ago on Instagram (@worry__lines), as what they call an “important artistic self-care practice.” Apparently it’s self-care for all of us who—in this worry-inducing world—instantly relate to the main character’s penchant for distraction, social anxiety, and complicated feelings of malaise.

The introduction includes an interview with the anonymous cartoonist.