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Richard Guindon – RIP

Cartoonist Dick Guindon has passed away. Richard Gordon (Dick) Guindon December 2, 1935 – February 27, 2022 The Detroit Free Press reports: Richard Gordon Guindon, 86, died the evening of Feb. 27 in Northport, Michigan, after a long illness with his son at his side. Guindon’s six-decade career began at the university’s Minnesota Daily, where […]

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The Armstrong Project – Peanuts Scholarships

Peanuts Worldwide will announce Monday the launch of the Armstrong Project, which will provide $200,000 in endowments to two HBCUs: Howard University in Washington and Hampton University in Virginia. The project will offer a scholarship to a student at each school who is studying the arts, animation, entertainment or communication, as well as provide mentorships […]

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CSotD: Vladimir’s Not-So-Excellent Adventure

I wish John Deering (Creators) hadn’t felt compelled to label that bucket. Very few political cartoons have ever been improved by labels. But I greatly admire his keeping up with the news and his willingness to work on a weekend, neither of which should be worthy of comment but both of which, alas, are. I […]

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World Press Freedom Editoon Competition

An important highlight of the World Press Freedom Day Luncheon is the recognition of editorial cartoonists from around the world who have used images and words to make powerful commentary on world issues. The International Editorial Cartoon Competition receives hundreds of entries every year, often from countries where press freedom is not a reality but […]

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Black Family Comics – Ray Billingsley Edition

Ray Billingsley‘s story is one of great tenacity and passion. A veteran cartoonist and comic artist, Billingsley is best known as the creator of the strip Curtis. Debuting in 1988, Curtis was one of the first nationally syndicated comic strips to feature a mostly Black cast. Today, the strip is widely read in print and […]

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The Incredible Shrinking Doom

February 27, 2022 Prickly City © Scott Stantis   July 15, 2009 Doonesbury © G. B. Trudeau   Jim Keefe (Sally Forth, Flash Gordon) recently posted about the sad state of print comic strips, focusing on the Sunday Funnies. Comic strips reigned supreme back in the 1930s. The Sunday sections were printed much larger than […]

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CSotD: That’s Not How It Works

To be clear, I like today’s Edison Lee (KFS), which riffs on new ways for kids to screw up, though my guess would be that Jack knows ways to make the refrigerator sit up, roll over and beg that his parents will never figure out. There are plenty of times a parent at the kitchen […]

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Happy Birthday Arnold Roth

Respect! Friday 25th February is Arnold Roth’s 93rd Birthday! Here’s a video from the National Cartoonists Society featuring Arnold Roth discussing his career and giving tips to the youngsters.  

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Mark O’Collin Gets Corporate Advertising Gig

For more than 30 years, the Dilbert comic strip has appeared in newspapers across the country, poking fun at the drudgery of office life and micromanagement, topics familiar to millions of working Americans. While the audience and punchlines are a bit more niche, there’s now a cartoon out there specifically for financial advisors, especially those […]

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Playing to the Readership (Preaching to the Choir)

Flo & Friends, which marks its 20th anniversary this year, carries the subtitle “Aging with an Attitude!” Title character Flo is a 65-year-old raising her teenage granddaughter. “When I started, I thought ’65, that’s old,’ so I made Flo 65,” [cartoonist Jenny] Campbell says with a laugh. “I just turned 65 last year, so the […]

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CSotD: Clear View from the Peanut Gallery

Pat Bagley gets the lead-off position today for having illustrated the theory that no two nations with McDonald’s have ever gone to war. The literalists have just gone scrambling off to find out how many McDonald’s are in Ukraine and Russia, but we’re not going to wait for them to get back. The point isn’t […]

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Vaughn Shoemaker Too

As Christianity’s most holy season approaches the Assembly of God celebrates the life of two-time Pulitzer Prize winning, and man of God, editorial cartoonist Vaughn Richard Shoemaker (1902-1991).   Exhibiting more confidence than he felt, Shoemaker went to the offices of the Chicago Daily News to ask for a job. Told there were no openings, […]

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David Sipress Two

Michael Maslin writes: We don’t see many memoirs from New Yorker cartoonists. Peter Arno started one, but it never went further than lists of names and snippets of memories to explore. Bruce Eric Kaplan wrote one, I Was A Child — “profusely illustrated” according to the publisher. Edward Sorel recently published Profusely Illustrated: A Memoir;  […]

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Women Cartoonists of The New Yorker Two

[Liza Donnelly’s] latest book, Very Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Women Cartoonists, publishes in March. In it, Donnelly continues telling the history of some of the women artists published in the nearly 100-year-old magazine starting from 2005, where her earlier book, Funny Ladies: The New Yorker’s Greatest Women Cartoonists And Their Cartoons, left off. North […]

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CSotD: The Die Having Been Cast

There have been several cartoons comparing Putin to either Hitler or Stalin, but I like Robert Ariail’s, because it is very simple and yet pinpoints Stalin’s legacy in Ukraine, where he engineered a ghastly, deadly famine in which millions died. All former Soviets remember their losses to the Germans in World War II, but the […]

Posted on: Feb 25, 2022,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 7 Comments