When Jim Met Greg – A Sally Forth 40th Flashback

With the Sally Forth comic strip celebrating its 40th anniversary today (and all week), cartoonist
Jim Keefe is taking the opportunity to recall the time he met Sally Forth creator Greg Howard,
accompanied by Jim’s Sally Forth mentor Craig MacIntosh.

I got to meet Greg Howard just once in 2012 before I took over the drawing chores on Sally Forth. Francesco Marciuliano was writing Sally by this time and I had been working as an assistant to Craig MacIntosh for a couple years. Craig suggested we meet with Greg in regards to working out me signing on with King as the new artist.

Read of that meeting and other contacts Jim had with Greg at Jim’s blog.


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2 thoughts on “When Jim Met Greg – A Sally Forth 40th Flashback

  1. Hi, I am a regular Sally Forth reader. I enjoy the artwork and notice details.

    On Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022, panel 1 of the the comic strip caught my attention; Sally’s wedding dress appeared to have an “appendage” oddly sticking out of her “lady parts” area.

    My question is, is this what it appears to be? And if so, what’s up with that? If not, what is it supposed to be?


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