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The Better in For Better or For Worse

The first For Better or For Worse Sunday issue of 2022
was not only well received at GoComics, but in newspapers.

A letter to The Baltimore Sun:

I had to comment on the wonderful message in the comic strip, “For Better or For Worse” (Jan. 2) by Lynn Johnston.

I read it several times and am still stunned that this wonderful message of gratitude was written as a comic strip. It was beautiful. Very well done, Ms. Johnston!


(The strip was originally published on January 3, 1993.)

Community Comments

#1 Becky
@ 3:48 pm

Her note on her website was good: “This is word-for-word from an experience I had while working on animated shows. I got a taxi to the animation studio and met this incredible young man whose outlook on life really resonated with me.”

#2 Mary McNeil
@ 5:39 pm

I posted the strip to my facebook feed and heard (positive comments) from people I has not heard from in years,

#3 Jimmy Delach
@ 7:53 pm

It’s really nice for the driver to have a positive outlook like that especially in Canada as opposed to the United States. Everybody should have his attitude.

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