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Multiple Mixed Mock Monikers

Sally and Tedwood, Sally Starr and Ted St. John, Hilary the Menace, The Fabulous Furry Forth Spouses. They all showed up in today’s Sally Forth courtesy Francesco Marciuliano and Jim Keefe. Some scenes were direct homages to previous comic art.

Sally Forth & Blondie © KFS; Brenda Starr © TCA

The others, as far as I know, were just tributes to those particular comic strips and weren’t “swipes.”

edit: all the throwbacks have reference art and Francesco Marciuliano shows us.


Meanwhile Pig is called by someone else’s nickname in the last panel of Pearls Before Swine.

© Stephan Pastis


Then the first President of the National Cartoonists Society is renamed in Rabbits Against Magic.

© Jonathan Lemon


Getting back to Sally Forth but going back to yesterday…

It seems Thomson made an appearance; or maybe it was Thompson.

edit: again Ces has the backstory of Sidney and the Hat.


Which brings us to what got me going in the first place – today’s Gasoline Alley by Jim Scancarelli.

© Tribune Content Agency

I love when Jim goes all classic comics on us. But…

Lester Gooch was the creator of Fearless Fosdick,

© Capp Enterprises

it was Chet Jade who created the Sawdust comic strip.

© Tribune Content Agency

Though Jim did get Gooch’s pencil moustache right.

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#1 George Paczolt
@ 6:42 am

Turns out Francesco Marciuliano did an explanatory post from his Facebook account Sunday, and the Dennis the Menace 50’s inspiration was a direct take from a certain panel. The Freak Brothers was generic.

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