Teaching and Learning with Calvin and Hobbes

Bill Waterson Extremely Rare Teaching With Calvin And Hobbes Book
(Playground Publishing, 1993).

Those hoping to find a copy of Teaching With Calvin And Hobbes in the wild are usually advised to stop their search right now — supposedly, only eight libraries in the world have copies, and three of those are in North Dakota, the state where the book was originally published [28] years ago.

Created by a speech language pathologist and a learning disabilities educator, the elementary-level book incorporates 57 of Watterson’s strips into various lessons like ‘The Bug Collector’ and ‘The Christmas Story’.

Heritage Auctions recently auctioned a near mint copy for $6,300.00.

About the above guide from Platypus Comix’s Rare Watterson page:

“Teaching with Calvin and Hobbes,” contain[s] reprints of strips. This comes from 1993 and Watterson just barely allowed it, after he got a letter from one of the authors describing how she used Calvin to teach to children with special needs. Universal put a legal vise on the print run, restricting sales to classrooms ONLY and producing only 2,500 copies.


Meanwhile, learn about the best of the Calvin and Hobbes books.

Matt Grant, at Book Riot, has “the definitive ranking of Calvin and Hobbes collections.”

In all, there are 19 official Calvin and Hobbes books. Most are black and white. Every few years, the publisher Andrews McMeel would combine two books into a compendium and include full-page color panels of the Sunday strips.

The following eight books, plus the complete collection at the end, contain every Calvin and Hobbes comic strip Watterson ever drew. There are other books that collect some of his favorites with commentary that are worth checking out. These collections were chosen because they simply contain the entire history of the strip.

Here I attempt to rank them from best to greatest.

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