The Funny Pages This Week part one

Just scanning the comics.

Six Chix © KFS, cartoon © Isabella Bannerman; Macanudo © Linear

Monday’s Six Chix and Macanudo.


100 legs synchronized.

Frog Applause © Teresa Burritt; False Knees © Joshua Barkman

Monday’s Frog Applause and False Knees.


I like it like that.

© King Features Syndicate

I think I would enjoy a few weeks of Blondie in this style.



© Zits Partnership

Zits kids could get abducted.


The dog ate it.

Agnes © Tony Cochran; Broom-Hilda © Tribune Content Agency

Today’s Agnes and Broom-Hilda.


Little Oop dailies?

© U.F.S.

I think I would enjoy a few weeks of Little Oop as a daily strip.


to John Read for the opening logo.

8 thoughts on “The Funny Pages This Week part one

  1. I get all squinty-eyed when thinking about centipedes, too.

    Perhaps it’s a primitive instinct to reduce ocular trauma in the presence of leaping, biting myriapods that have been driven mad by cucumber and cream cheese.

  2. I support Frog Applause, but I do NOT support centipedes! It would please me greatly if they disappeared, even if their absence from the food chain caused a cascade of extinctions, which led to a breakdown of our ecosystem and the downfall of humanity.

    Sorry, I just drank coffee.


    More Frog Applause, fewer centipedes. That is my thesis.

  3. I support centipedes. As we all know, God created creatures such as doves and hummingbirds. On the other hand, Satan created thing such things as spiders, flies and centipedes. We cannot have one without the other. Yang and Yin must balance. I have said my piece, that is my wisdom.

  4. Frog Applause has legs, and knows how to use them. Centipedes, on the other hand, are just showing off. Go home centipede, you’re drunk.

  5. I am a fan of comics and Go in particular. I am also a silent long time fan of Frog Applause. It was worth keeping, but, in my opinion better exposed my its publisher. Major corporations ofter endow the arts- giving grants and sponsorships. The reason being that it appeals to the public that they care for the betterment of society over just the bottom line and wants to have growth of ideas in the community.

    Avant garde is viewed by them as not only being progressive (thus progressive themselves) but the love of quality and growth of the art itself.

    Sure, it can be appear that extreme art isn’t a big money maker, nor, it also can be claimed, have a big following, but the street cred it brings is beyond things like price.

    Remember, comic strips like Peanuts, Calvin & Hobbes, Blom County and even Pogo, once we’re cutting edge.

    I remember newspapers in their heyday having two pages of colored comics. In order to continue to grow an area that many, now, consider a dying art form, in my opinion, places like GoComics should not use a prevent defense(which seldom if ever works), but show that they are progressive and publish the comics in all of gloriousness.

    Low number strips should be kept. Editorial cartoons should be pushed. Avant garde should be praised.

    Don’t just give the viewer just what they want, but push what the artform needs: growth & variety.

    I am a good example of why you should do this. Without great comics like Frog Applause I would be left with few enjoyable comics beside Calvin and Hobbes reruns.

    That is no way to expand in this business.

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