One Fine Day exhibit opens next week

John Read, publisher of “Stay Tooned!” magazine is opening his traveling exhibit of cartoon art next week in Jackson, Mississippi. The exhibit features 135 Sunday comics that were published on April 11 of this year. The exhibit will then travel to Missouri for Disney Toonfest then to Omaha, Nebraska and also north into Canada in 2011.

This celebration of the wild variety of cartoon entertainment available in newspapers every day of the week provides a “snapshot”, bringing together in one place examples of virtually every American strip and panel currently being published…from the longest-running to those just launched this year. Patrons will see the art of their favorites features, be introduced to comics they’ve never read, and re-introduced to characters they may not have seen in awhile, all while enjoying the wide diversity of styles, themes and genres of “the funny pages!”

The comics in the exhibit include:

  • ADAM@HOME by Rob Harrell & Brian Bassett
  • AGNES by Tony Cochran
  • ALLEY OOP by Jack & Carole Bender
  • ANDY CAPP by Rogers Mahoney & Kettle
  • AMAZING SPIDER-MAN by Stan Lee & Alex Saviuk
  • ANIMAL CRACKERS by Fred Wagner
  • ANNIE by Ted Slampyak & Jay Maeder
  • APARTMENT 3-G by Frank Bolle & Sandra Moy
  • ARCHIE by Fernando Ruiz & Craig Boldman
  • ARCTIC CIRCLE by Alex Hallett
  • ARGYLE SWEATER by Scott Hilburn
  • ARLO & JANIS by Jimmy Johnson
  • ASK SHAGG by Peter Guren
  • B.C. by the John Hart Studio
  • BABY BLUES by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott
  • BALDO by Carlos Castellanos & Hector Cantu
  • BALLARD STREET by Jerry Van Amerongen
  • BARN, THE by Ralph Hagen
  • BEETLE BAILEY by Mort & Greg Walker
  • BETWEEN FRIENDS by Sandra Bell-Lundy
  • BIG NATE by Lincoln Peirce
  • BIZARRO by Dan Piraro
  • BLONDIE by John Marshall & Dean Young
  • BORN LOSER, THE by Chip Sansom
  • BOUND & GAGGED by Dana Summers
  • BREWSTER ROCKIT by Tim Rickard
  • BRILLIANT…EDISON LEE by John Hambrock
  • BROOM-HILDA by Russell Myers
  • BUCKETS, THE by Greg Cravens
  • BUCKLES by David Gilbert
  • CATHY by Cathy Guisewite
  • CLEATS by Bill Hinds
  • CORNERED by Mike Baldwin
  • CRANKSHAFT by Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers
  • CROCK by Bill Rechin & Don Wilder
  • CUL DE SAC by Richard Thompson
  • CURTIS by Ray Billingsley
  • DADDY’S HOME by Tony Rubino & Gary Markstein
  • DEFLOCKED by Jeff Corriveau
  • DENNIS THE MENACE by Ron Ferdinand
  • DIAMOND LIL by Brett Koth
  • DICK TRACY by Dick Locher & Jim Brozman
  • DOG EAT DOUG by Brian Anderson
  • DOONESBURY by Garry Trudeau
  • DRABBLE by Kevin Fagan
  • DUPLEX by Glenn McCoy
  • DUSTIN by Jeffry Parker & Steve Kelley
  • EDGE CITY by Terry & Patty LaBan
  • FAMILY CIRCUS, THE by Jeff Keane
  • FLASH GORDON by Jim Keefe
  • FLO AND FRIENDS by Jenny Campbell
  • FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE by Lynn Johnston
  • FORT KNOX by Paul Jon
  • FOXTROT by Bill Amend
  • FRANK & ERNEST by Tom Thaves & Co.
  • FRAZZ by Jef Mallett
  • FREE RANGE by Bill Whitehead
  • FUNKY WINKERBEAN by Tom Batiuk
  • GARFIELD by Jim Davis
  • GASOLINE ALLEY by Jim Scancarelli
  • GINGER MEGGS by Jason Chatfield
  • GRIN AND BEAR IT by Fred Wagner & R. Dunagin
  • HAGAR THE HORRIBLE by Chris Browne
  • HEART OF THE CITY by Mark Tatulli
  • HEATHCLIFF by Peter Gallagher
  • HI & LOIS by Chance Browne & B. Walker
  • JUDGE MORGAN by M. Manley & W. Wilson
  • KNIGHT LIFE, THE by Keith Knight
  • LIO by Mark Tatulli
  • LITTLE DOG LOST by Steve Boreman
  • LOCKHORNS, THE by John Reiner & Bunny Hoest
  • LOLA by Todd Clark
  • LUANN by Greg Evans
  • MARMADUKE by Brad & Paul Anderson
  • MARVIN by Tom Armstrong
  • MARY WORTH by Joe Giella & Karen Moy
  • MIDDLETONS by Ralph Dunagin & Dana Summers
  • MOMMA by Mell Lazarus
  • MONTY by Jim Meddick
  • MOOSE AND MOLLY by Bob Weber
  • MOTHER GOOSE & GRIMM by Mike Peters
  • MUTTS by Patrick McDonnell
  • NANCY by Guy Gilchrist
  • NON SEQUITUR by Wiley Miller
  • OFF THE MARK by Mark Parisi
  • OLLIE AND QUENTIN by Piers Baker
  • ON A CLAIRE DAY by C. Ventresca & H. Beckett
  • ON THE FASTRACK by Bill Holbrook
  • ONE BIG HAPPY by Rick Detorie
  • OTHER COAST, THE by Adrian Raeside
  • OVER THE HEDGE by Michael Fry & T Lewis
  • PAJAMA DIARIES by Terri Libenson
  • PC & PIXEL by Tak Bui
  • PEARLS BEFORE SWINE by Stephan Pastis
  • PHANTOM, THE by Paul Ryan & Tony DePaul
  • PICKLES by Brian Crane
  • PIRANHA CLUB, THE by Bud Grace
  • PLUGGERS by Gary Brookins
  • POOCH CAF’E by Paul Gilligan
  • POPEYE by Hy Eisman
  • PRICKLY CITY by Scott Stantis
  • PRINCE VALIANT by Gary Gianni & Mark Schultz
  • PROS & CONS by Kieran Meehan
  • REALITY CHECK by Dave Whamond
  • RED AND ROVER by Brian Basset
  • PIRANHA CLUB by Bud Grace
  • RETAIL by Norm Feuti
  • REX MORGAN, M.D. by G. Nolan & W. Wilson
  • RHYMES WITH ORANGE by Hilary Price
  • RIPLEY’S BELIEVE IT OR NOT by John Graziano
  • ROSE IS ROSE by Don Wimmer
  • RUBES by Leigh Rubin
  • SCARY GARY by Mark Buford
  • SHERMAN’S LAGOON by Jim Toomey
  • SHOE by Chris Cassatt & Gary Brookins
  • SIX CHIX by Margaret Shulock
  • SLYLOCK FOX by Bob Weber Jr.
  • SNUFFY SMITH by John Rose
  • SOUP TO NUTZ by Rick Stromoski
  • SPEED BUMP by Dave Coverly
  • STRANGE BREW by John Deering
  • STONE SOUP by Jan Eliot
  • TANK McNAMARA by Bill Hinds & Jeff Millar
  • TINA’S GROOVE by Rina Piccolo
  • TUNDRA by Chad Carpenter
  • W.T. DUCK by Aaron Johnson
  • WATCH YOUR HEAD by Cory Thomas
  • WEE PALS by Morrie Turner
  • WIZARD OF ID, THE by Jeff Parker
  • ZACK HILL by John Deering & J. Newcombe
  • ZIGGY by Tom Wilson
  • ZIPPY THE PINHEAD by Bill Griffith
  • ZITS by Jim Borgman & Jerry Scott

13 thoughts on “One Fine Day exhibit opens next week

  1. Northpark Mall, Robert. While I had originally hoped to open the show in a museum – specifically, The Mississippi Museum of Art – they’re booked up for the next two years; turns out I was naive about museums in general, as they all tend to schedule their spaces 2-3 years in advance (even though several museums have told me they’d love to have had such an exhibit). Since I’ve only got (most of) the art on loan through 2011, I’ve had to reconsider what sorts of venues “One Fine Sunday” might be hosted in because I want it to be enjoyed by as many folks as possible in the time I have. I’m now thinking that being inside a mall, especially one that has thousands of people passing through it daily, might actually bring in more patrons. And this should be a prime location, as the 2100 sq.ft. space is situated at center court, and August is a big month for shopping. So now, in the 16 months following this “engagement,” the exhibition is just as likely to be seen in malls, community centers, and galleries as it is in colleges and museums.

  2. The Australian Cartoonist Association did an exhibition in a small city mall in aid of the bushfire victims last year – worked out very well with lots of media coverage (and sales).

  3. Best of luck John! Congratulations on a huge undertaking and bringing a great idea to reality!

  4. Wow, John. You are accomplishing what you set out to do! Congratulations.Your exhibit will demonstrate the imvaluable contribution that the Sunday comics has made to our culture…and continues to do.
    You’re a great example to us all of determination and perseverance!
    Hope the exhibit gets widespread PR from the media.

  5. Hey John:
    Where, in Canada, will you be hosting this? Do you have any locations picked out yet?

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