Rob Pubim Gets Another Notch on His Ed-Op Pencil

The Durango (Colorado) Telegraph has hired Rob Pudim to supply
editorial/opinion cartoons to the free weekly newspaper.

From the July 29, 2021 edition of The Durango Telegraph:

The Durango Telegraph this week welcomes new cartoonist Rob Pudim, whose quirky and clever caricature cartoons have appeared in the newspapers and entertained readers of mountain towns in the West for decades.

Although he lives in Longmont, Pudim has built a reputation for having the pulse on communities he works for, getting to know the low down and dirty issues.

When approached by the Telegraph earlier this month to become the paper’s regular cartoonist, he responded within hours: “No problem. Send me some back issues so I can get an idea of what is happening around town.”

Read The Telegraph’s introduction of Rob to its readers.

Rob’s LinkedIn page.

Self employed – artist/writer, amateur biologist
– Present 59 years 11 months

I currently do editorial cartoons for a number of newspapers in the Western US, covers for novels, illustrate newsletters, do illustrations for books, magazines, and for people who need art for presentations. I write a column from time to time for Writers On the Range and have had my written work published in a number of collections.

A few years ago The Lake City Silver World ran a profile.

SILVER WORLD readers have long been entertained by the quirky caricature, cartoon renderings drawn by artist Rob Pudim. His one-frame drawings appearing on editorial page may have led readers to think they must be the work of a reclusive local artist because they so cleverly capture funny Lake City-isms, or made you chuckle at the ridiculous root of a divisive town issue. Pudim is talented, prolific and clever, but he’s not a Lake City, home-town artist.
Editorial cartoonist Rob Pudim lives nowhere near Hinsdale County, but is based, way out-of-town, in Longmont, Colorado. This mysterious talent has carved out a serious creative niche spanning multiple decades.
In an out-of-the-box business plan, this Wizard behind the Cartoon Curtain pens insightful satirical cartoons for untold dozens of local newspapers across the western United States.

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