So, Here’s Some Things We Noticed

While we were joining Mike in reading The Funny Pages, behind the scenes…

Moved from front window display to the back shelves.

© Copley News Service

After a year of sitting on the last Nest Heads syndicated to newspapers, Creators Syndicate has moved the comic strip from their page of active syndicated comics to their archived strips.
GoComics continues to run the older Copley News syndicated version of the strip by John Allen.


Getting a jump on the work week.

© Harley Schwadron

Lately Tribune Content Agency has, on occasion, given us an advanced look at the 9 to 5 panel by Harley Schwadron (scroll down). We haven’t noticed the glitch(?) on any of the other strips.


A reminder as to where to find…

© Steve McGarry

When GoComics dropped some syndicated comics from their website we had to find them elsewhere. The Washington Post Writers Group strips (Fort Knox, Reply All, Reply All Lite) can be read on that home page. The Andrews McMeel Syndication features (Biographic, KidSpot, Kid Town), as well as those WPWG strips, can be found on the GoComics online page syndicated to online newspaper sites (here is The Oregonian page).


About those newspapers paying for the online GoComics page.

© Rick Detorie

There are two ways to read same day One Big Happy by Rick Detorie – in a hard copy of your daily newspaper or on the Creators Syndicate site. All other places with the comic strip are on “tape delay.” And we have no problem with Rick demanding it that way (giving away content for free has its pros and cons). But when newspapers are paying for content we I think it ought to be current.


Sticking with Creators for another item.

© Creators Syndicate

Dog Eat Doug by Brian Anderson has been in rerun status for four months now. The last new strip was the March 21, 2021 Sunday strip. The Dog Eat Doug Webtoon site is also running old strips.


25 Years Ago … Yesterday

© Tribune Content Agency

On July 28, 1996 The Breadwinner retired.


Not that Sally Forth comic, and not that Sally Forth comic either.

Not Greg Howard’s Sally Forth, now done by Francesco Marciuliano and Jim Keefe, and not the more titillating Sally Forth by Wally Wood. No this is an even earlier Sally Forth comic by Kelly Davis.

Suspense (1949): “The Crooked Frame” starring Richard Kiley.
From IMDb: Original Air Date: 29 July 1952 (Season 4, Episode 43).
“Kelly Davis, the unscrupulous creator of “Sally Forth” comic books, announces she’s retiring the character. This move puts her resentful staff of cartoonists out of work. She offers Webb the chance to write the stories for her “new idea”–an idea she’s stealing from him. Kelly is found dead the next morning, and Webb is the obvious suspect.”.

Available on YouTube.

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  1. So, did Brian Anderson officially end for good Doug Eat Dog back in March or has he been on a hiatus for that long?

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever understand GoComics’ decision to remove actively syndicated comics from their page. It’s not like they ran out of internet.

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