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Conservative Views on View: Ramirez and Stantis

In the new CounterCast conservative cartoonist Scott Stantis (admitted Never-Trumper)
interviews conservative cartoonist Michael P. Ramirez (admitted anti-stupid).

Michael opines on conservatism (rational realism), liberalism (emotions), Free trade (good),
socialism (bad), Trump (lifting regulations, yeah; tariffs, boo), among other topics
–  for instance: the cult of personality, vs. conservative principles.

Watch the half hour interview at YouTube.

Then sign on to CounterPoint for opinion cartoons from all sides.

© Las Vegas Review-Journal/Michael Ramirez

Community Comments

#1 Mary Ella
@ 7:12 am

“Michael opines on conservatism (rational realism), liberalism (emotions)”

Oh Lord help us—conservatives as I experience them have not exactly been bastions of rational realism as of late. Maybe Ramirez doesn’t watch Fox & Friends. Or it’s just more true that everyone is the “rational realist” in his own mind.

Hopefully the actual interview is more nuanced than it sounds.

#2 Kip Williams
@ 10:55 am

At least get the elephant to stop taking selfies of himself knocking chunks of concrete out.

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