Happy National Cartoonists Day

May 5 was determined to be National Cartoonists Day due to The (not yet) Yellow Kid’s debut
in R. F. Outcault’s Hogan’s Alley in The New York World on May 5, 1895.

In the 22 years since the day was created the celebration has slowly taken a low-key approach.

But some cartoonist still celebrate.

© Michael Cavna

Michael Cavna runs his annual tribute, while Bill Whitehead honors his fellows with a new toon.

© Bill Whitehead

As does Maria Scrivan:

© Maria Scrivan


Others also feature cartoonists in their toons for today, but the appearances in these are a regular theme of the comic strips whether it is National Cartoonists Day or not. Those with self portraits today are Chip Dunham, Bill Griffith, and Stephan Pastis.

© Chip Dunham

© Bill Griffith

© Stephan Pastis

Terry Beatty sneaks in some references in his last panel today. Nov Shmoz Ka Pop?

© North America Syndicate

Naturally we’ll end with B. Kliban‘s ultimate tribute.

© Judith K. Kliban? Playboy?


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  1. If it’s not there already, Kliban’s ‘toon belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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