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GoComics to Run David Gilbert’s Buckles Archives

David Gilbert ended his 25 year run on the Buckles comic strip seven weeks ago.  Now he brings back the Buckles archives at the GoComics site starting today with the first strip from April 1, 1996. above: 1996 intro to the comic strip Earlier this year, David Gilbert, Buckles creator, announced he would end the […]

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CSotD: Happy ‘Not All Men’ Day

Mother’s Day brought out a sort of history, unintentionally emphasizing that oddly untethered view of time and society comic strips offer, so let’s pick on Luann (AMS). She’s a good character to launch the topic, because she’s one of those loveable cartoon airheads, and, in this case, has absorbed the current pop culture concept that […]

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Bill Morgan – RIP

Sports writer, promoter, cartoonist Bill Morgan has passed away. William Edwards (Bill) Morgan, Jr. December 13, 1931 – February 9, 2021 From the obituary:  He was sports editor for the Lufkin Daily News from 1953 to 1955, when he went to the Dallas Morning News as a sportswriter. In 1960, the fledgling Dallas Cowboys hired […]

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Comic Strip News Grab Bag

Ripley’s Stippler Immersion     © Ripley Entertainment The new artist of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, who we will refer to as The Stippler until we learn the identity, has now taken on the Sunday page chores as of May 9, 2021. May 10 edit: It appears John Graziano has returned with the May 10 […]

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CSotD: Anybody here remember print?

  (Some thoughts about newspapers, while I take Mother’s Day off to go visit the Aged P.) Here’s the protagonist of an 1867 novel, “Ned Nevins, the News Boy, or, Street Life in Boston,” in which the plucky lad worked to rise above his grim surroundings, as plucky lads would in popular literature for the […]

Posted on: May 9, 2021,  Section: Comic history, Comic strips, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 5 Comments

de Adder Wins 2020 National Newspaper Award

The National Newspaper Awards have announced the winners of their 2020 awards with Michael de Adder as the winner of the Editorial Cartooning category. Editorial Cartooning Winner: Michael de Adder, Halifax Chronicle Herald/Toronto Star Finalists: Graeme MacKay, Hamilton Spectator; Bruce MacKinnon, Halifax Chronicle Herald An additional note: Several individuals took home top honours for the […]

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1921 Beginning of the End for Cartoons Magazine

These days we have Funny Times and Humor Times for regular magazines featuring political, social, and gag cartoons. 100 years ago our grand- and great-grand parents had Cartoons Magazine.   above: covers from Robert Beerbohm and his Platinum Age Facebook page It was one hundred years ago this month that sadly saw the end of […]

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CSotD: Popular delusions and the madness of crowds

Mike Smith (KFS) echoes my current thoughts. Social media in general, and Facebook for sure, was bad enough during the elections, when lies and complaints about politics dominated things. Now that that’s over, what comes to the surface is people bitching and moaning and complaining and kvetching about trivia. Conversational phrases they don’t like. Foods […]

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Comic Strips Drop Trou for No Pants Day – updated with a list of participating creators

Fans of newspaper comics will instantly notice something missing in many of the strips this Friday — pants. More than 25 cartoonists behind strips from “Blondie” to “Zippy the Pinhead” are celebrating the quirky holiday No Pants Day in a way that helps charities get clothing to those in need. © King Features Syndicate “This […]

Posted on: May 7, 2021,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 2 Comments

CSotD: Journalism 101 (optional course)

  Kevin Necessary (AMS) offers a sarcastic salute to ignorance. I like it, though I wish we weren’t at a stage where ignorance matters quite so much and spreads quite so readily. The trigger for this cartoon is apparently the pushback over LeBron James’ quick Tweet following the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, which he subsequently […]

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Newspaper Blames Someone Other for Cartoon

From Greensburg Daily News Editor Kevin Green: The Daily News has been contacted by multiple readers who were upset and even angry about an editorial cartoon titled “Police Training Flashcards” that appeared on Tuesday’s Opinion page. The cartoon painted an unflattering and unfair portrait of the law enforcement community and does not represent this newspaper’s […]

Posted on: May 6, 2021,  Section: AAEC-feed, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 0 Comments

The Big Lie – Garry Trudeau and The Pulitzer

Yesterday The Beat with Ari Melber included a segment with cartoonist Garry B. Trudeau the creator of the Doonesbury comic strip. There were two problems with the piece: first, G.B was given less than half the four and a half minutes allotted; and second, Mr. Melber, in his long-winded introduction, repeated the false line about […]

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CSotD: Chen-Chen-Cheney of Fools

There has been a sudden flood of Liz Cheney cartoons from the left side of the aisle, and Jack Ohman (WPWG) explains why, in perhaps a roundabout way. When cartoonists from the right all start pursuing the same topic, it’s often because an influential conservative website, radio show or TV network has sounded the call. […]

Posted on: May 6, 2021,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 3 Comments

MIke Peterson Sez: Check Your Syndicate’s Website

Daily Cartoonist colleague Mike Peterson posted an advisory on his Twitter feed: That leads me to point out a couple examples. After Buckles ended in March King Features Syndicate dropped the comic strip from its list of offerings. When they did that eight or nine other features fell off the page. Eventually most of the […]

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Happy National Cartoonists Day

May 5 was determined to be National Cartoonists Day due to The (not yet) Yellow Kid’s debut in R. F. Outcault’s Hogan’s Alley in The New York World on May 5, 1895. In the 22 years since the day was created the celebration has slowly taken a low-key approach. But some cartoonist still celebrate. © […]

Posted on: May 5, 2021,  Section: Comic strips, Events, National Cartoonist Society, Comments: 1 Comment