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MIke Peterson Sez: Check Your Syndicate’s Website

Daily Cartoonist colleague Mike Peterson posted an advisory on his Twitter feed:

That leads me to point out a couple examples.

After Buckles ended in March King Features Syndicate dropped the comic strip from its list of offerings. When they did that eight or nine other features fell off the page. Eventually most of the dropped comics found their way back on to the list, but a couple remain MIA.

The current page doesn’t list Between Friends or The Family Circus.

Sandra Bell-Lundy and Jeff Keane may want to notify IT they aren’t finished yet.


On the other hand some of us must check in on those syndicate pages to keep up.
Recently the Tribune Content Agency changed their listing.

Late March:

Late April:

The Boston Globe and GoComics have not updated their Dan Wasserman pages since March 23, 2021.

A couple of years ago Dan slowed his output to one cartoon a week. Now it seems Dan, who has been cartooning for the Boston Globe editorial page since 1985, has retired with no fanfare.


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