Bite Sized Archie Gets a Bigger Bite of Internet

Archie Comics’ webcomic, Bite Sized Archie, is reaching a bigger audience.

Bite Sized Archie, the first-ever webcomic series from Archie Comics, is expanding its online presence with a new syndication deal with digital comics app Tinyview and the upcoming release of the first in a series of digital collections on ComiXology.

“We created Bite Sized Archie because we were looking for a new way to deliver funny and relevant comics content directly to our dedicated fans on social media,” said writer and Archie Comics Director of Publicity & Social Media Ron Cacace.

“I never would have thought that my random lunch break doodles of Archie and Jughead would set the style for the company’s first ever web comic series,” said artist and Archie Comics Art Director Vincent Lovallo.

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Bite Sized Archie will be available on Tinyview…

“We’re continually amazed and humbled by the positive feedback from readers of all ages. And getting to add the series to a platform like Tinyview, where a whole new audience will be able to follow along weekly alongside our current readers on social media, it’s such a wonderful feeling and we’re so grateful for the opportunity.”

and as a collection available from ComiXology.

Bite Sized Archie will also be heading to digital comics platform ComiXology with a digital volume collecting the first 16 comic strips and extras including behind-the-scenes conversations, character sketches, and more. Bite Sized Archie Vol. 1 will be available for individual download at $2.99 or free-to-read for ComiXology Unlimited subscribers on June 2nd.

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