Wednesday Whatnots

Bazooka Joe in Israel

© Topps

The Virtual Museum of Israel Chewing Gum Wrappers looks at the Bazooka Joe chewing gum there since at least the 1960s.


Pulp Fiction

© the respective copyright owners

A scarce first edition of The Shadow, published in April 1931, recently sold for $156,000 at Heritage Auctions, setting a world record as the most expensive pulp magazine ever sold. Rare and graded in “Fine-minus” condition, it claimed top-lot honors in a special sale of rare pulp magazines and related collectibles.

Antique Trader covers the auction of some pulp magazine first issues.


PS Magazine at 70

PS Magazine is a U.S. Government publication

For 70 years now, Master Sgt. Half-Mast McCanick and a rotating cast of characters have been helping Soldiers maintain and repair their equipment at PS Magazine.

PS, also known as PS: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, was first published in 1951 as tensions leading up to the Korean War boiled over. Illustrated by prolific comic strip artist Will Eisner, the magazine was revolutionary in its formatting, as Eisner decided to present all of the information in comic strips.

Learn how PS Magazine got its name.

MSG Half-Mast here…

We’re often asked why PS Magazine is called PS Magazine. Good question.
To help commemorate our 70th anniversary (which officially starts this June), we thought we’d take a moment to review this part of our origin story.

Part of PS Magazine’s mission is to answer questions.


Hägar and Hygaard

Hägar © King Features Syndicate; Hygaard © HQ Fine Foods

Apparently in Canada there is a company that manufactures refrigerated sandwiches. Their logo features a Viking strikingly close to the comic strip character Hägar the Horrible. The connection is hard to miss when combined with the company’s name. I would think King Features would have a problem with this. Though it may be irrelevant since the trademark seems to have been abandoned.


Your Mileage May Vary

Looney Tunes characters © Warner Bros./AT&T

Looney Tunes is an animated short film series produced by Warner Bros. during the Golden Age of American Animation. They introduced iconic characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd, Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner, Sylvester, Tweety, Yosemite Sam, and the Tasmanian Devil. Many wonder what the best Looney Tunes cartoons are and here is a take.

Take Ten’s survey of the best Looney Tunes. Add your favorites to the vote count.