Keizer Doubles Down on Gagging with Speed Bump

Yesterday we noted that The Keizer Times had signed the Steve Breen’s caption contest Caption It! They also added Dave Coverly‘s gag panel Speed Bump, so now the prospective gag writers of the caption contest will have a professional’s capabilities to compare with their attempts at humor.

Coverly is the creator of Speed Bump, a daily cartoon that will be featured in the Keizertimes beginning this week. Speed Bump is a daily, single-panel comic (think Far Side), but [the weekly] Keizertimes will publish one per week.

© Dave Coverly

The Times introduced readers to Speed Bump by interviewing Dave:

A teacher informed Dave Coverly’s parents that he was going to be a cartoonist one day, he was in fifth grade at the time.

“What every kid who wants to chase a dream needs more than anything is encouragement and support, not just from parents – mine were amazing – but from teachers. I was lucky enough to have them, from Mrs. Lam in fifth grade to Mr. Zelnis in high school, who taught journalism and brought me copies of The New Yorker to study.”

hat tip to Creators sales force for getting two features to a new audience.