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Baldo Replaces Buckles in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Star Tribune will start carrying the Baldo comic strip
as a replacement for the Buckles comic strip, which ended its run today.

The paper doesn’t mention Buckles in today’s interview with Baldo co-creator and writer Hector Cantú

Q: Is Baldo you as a kid? Carlos as a kid? Your third cousins?

A: Baldo is an amalgam — of the things in my life, in Carlos’ life, what’s happening with kids today. I’m constantly reading about what kids are going through, what they’re talking about, especially kids of color.

… but the Star Tribune did carry Buckles and so it seems to be the likely evolution.

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Community Comments

#1 Kathy Woudstra
@ 8:54 am

I was very disappointed to learn about you canceling “Buckles”, which was replaced by “Baldo”. While I do understand the need for trying out new strips, I do NOT understand why Buckles had to go. There are plenty of other boring, vapid, and dull strips to ax instead. I find “Baldo” to be in that category. I found Buckles to be clever, warm, funny, and endearing. Not so with Baldo.

#2 Peter Morley
@ 1:36 pm

Please bring back Buckles, Baldo lacks his class and everything else! Thanks.

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