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Readers’ Gag Reflex Tested With Caption It!

The Keizer Times, a weekly broadsheet newspaper serving Keizer, Oregon,
will test its readers ability to be gag writers for Steve Breen’s Caption It!

© Creators Syndicate/Steve Breen

From the paper’s introduction:

About 10 years ago, Breen began giving readers of The San Diego Union-Tribune a weekly opportunity to caption one of his drawings. The idea grew into a regular, now syndicated, comic strip titled Caption It!

“Young people are now getting humor from creating, viewing and sharing memes, GIFS, TikTok videos, etc. I love traditional comic strips and there are still some really excellent ones. I just like Caption It! because it gets people more involved. I wish we could run 20 captions every week instead of one,” Breen said.

Beginning this week, Caption It!, becomes a weekly feature of the Keizertimes. The cartoon and winning caption from a previous week run alongside a new un-captioned image.

I do think The Times confused Steve’s Union-Tribune contest with the Creators Syndicate version when they told readers where to send submissions:

Entries can be sent to by 10 a.m. Tuesday of every week.

Caption It! gags should be sent to


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