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The All-New, All-Different Rex Morgan, M.D.

Rex and June’s daughter Sarah has reimagined the Man of Medicine.

Terry Beatty, the writer/artist of the Rex Morgan, M.D. comic strip, has made
young Sarah Morgan an imaginative and creative type; famously shown in an
April Fool’s Day Sunday page three years ago.

Now Terry has expanded on that one-off to create a five(six?)-week sequence beginning March 7, 2021 where Sarah imagines her father under different circumstances.


And with that we step into an offbeat unreality – that of Tex Morgan, Hero of the West:

© North America Syndicate (KFS)

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Cartoonist Terry comments on the strip at his Facebook page.


Community Comments

#1 Carl Pietrantonio
@ 2:46 pm

Right now we have Tex Morgan, derived from Rex Morgan….

Next up will be “Sex Morgan, Porn Star”

#2 Darryl Heine
@ 5:27 pm

How about Chex Morgan, Breakfast Cereal Man.

#3 Bob Crittenden
@ 9:01 am

I’d read a T-Rex Morgan comic strip.

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