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Rob Rogers is 2021 Herblock Prize Winner

Rob Rogers has been awarded the 2021 Herblock Prize.

© Rob Rogers

From The Herb Block Foundation:

“In a historically tumultuous and heartbreaking year where so many political cartoonists created outstanding work to both comfort and eviscerate a suffering and divided nation, Rob Rogers cartoons on racial justice, pandemic hypocrisy & America’s political devolution shone bright. Rob is a virtuoso with tongue-in-cheek irony, using at times a deft touch, sometimes a two-by-four, always sharply on target and thoroughly engaging.”

The Herb Block Foundation announcement and Rob’s portfolio.


Darrin Bell was the 2021 Finalist.

© Darrin Bell

Said The Foundation:

“Darrin Bell’s cartoons illuminate a path through the political and societal pall with authority, gravitas and extraordinary artistic skill, leaving no doubt to his audience as to what – and who – is wrong in our nation.”

Community Comments

#1 Bob Crittenden
@ 4:53 pm

Excellent. In your face, Steve Kelly and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for forcing out a world-class cartoonist. CONGRATULATIONS to Rob Rogers; keep them coming.

#2 D. D. Degg
@ 5:08 pm

Well, I don’t think Steve Kelley had anything to do
with the troubles between Rob Rogers and the PP-G.

#3 Bob Crittenden
@ 6:52 pm

Mea culpa; you’re right. I was thinking of Keith Burris, to whom Block Communications gave editorial oversight for the PPG in addition to his same responsibilities at the Toledo, OH paper, The Blade.

#4 Paul Berge
@ 8:20 pm

Congratulations, Rob and Darrin, and well deserved!

@ 7:46 am

Great bodies of work. Congrats to Rob and Darrin.

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