YouTube Deletes Video from Scott Adams’ Channel

From The Federalist:

Google-owned YouTube shut down Dilbert Comic strip creator Scott Adams on Friday, stripping a video off the platform from the podcaster’s channel without warning.

The Federalist posts the notice from Scott’s Twitter feed where it is currrent the “pinned” tweet.

Real Coffee with Scott Adams is the cartoonist’s YouTube channel, where all the surrounding videos remain on the site.

The Federalist, a conservative site, notes that,

YouTube’s censorship of Adams follows a recent company announcement that it would be removing any content critical of the 2020 election process alleging widespread voter fraud tipped the outcome of the November contest.

After preemptively declaring Republican claims of deceptive voter fraud as a conspiracy remaining to be proven in court, YouTube is still host to a wide range of other dangerous conspiracies across its platform, from ideas that President Donald Trump is a Kremlin agent to the idea that aliens build the Egyptian pyramids.

One thought on “YouTube Deletes Video from Scott Adams’ Channel

  1. Boo hoo. I stopped reading Dilbert and tossed the reprint books upon learning that Adams was yet another Trump enabler and/or apologist. Be as Republican as you want but if 4 years of lies, corruption, misogyny, racism, and support of White Nationalism doesn’t change your mind, the only conclusion I can reach is that you can’t read.

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