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The Best Comics of 2020

Heart © AMS; Six Chix © KFS; Nancy © UFS

Pop culture site Nerdist has picked The Best Comics of 2020. The list is mostly graphic novels and floppy comic books, but a few comic strips make the list.

Heart of the City by Steenz

… Steenz’s gorgeous redesigns and sweet humor make this the kind of comic that warms your heart every day you read.

Six Chix by Bianca Xunise

… Her entries range from irreverently funny to powerful, and are always striking. Basically, Bianca Xunise is brilliant …

Nancy by Olivia James

… Funny, meta-textual, and often completely out of the box, Nancy is some of the most inventive and transgressive cartooning going. 


Teenage Jake Hamilton Cartoons “Jake’s Door”

© Jake Hamilton

From Everyone’s Internet News Presswire:

Jake Hamilton, a teenage prodigy cartoonist launches a collection of his unique style of “door comics” (hilarious Far Side style cartoons drawn on his bedroom door whiteboard). His first book, titled ‘Jake’s Door’, will be promoted worldwide on Amazon December 11th (which is also Jake’s 15th birthday).

When asked what his motivation is to draw these comics, he gives an insightful answer: “I just love to draw. And if my art can make people smile, even when there are tough things going on around us, I really like that. I think other kids can do a lot more than they think, if they can follow their dreams, like I am doing.”

Go to jakesdoor.com to enjoy more of Jake’s humor and order the book.


Mendota Marsh Archive

© Phil Hands

From the Wisconsin State Journal’s madison.com website:

Get caught up with the Madison-based comic strip from the desk of State Journal cartoonist Phil Hands.


Forget that Disney/Marvel Dump, Buck Rogers is the Big News

© John F. Dille

For comic strip fans it’s not the forthcoming Marvel shows, it is the new Buck Rogers TV series.

Rogers first appeared in a story titled Armageddon 2419 and published in a 1928 issue of pulp mainstay, Amazing Stories. Written by Philip Francis Nowlan, the story told of a man who is trapped in a coal mine during a cave-in, falls into suspended animation, and Rip Van Winkle-style, wakes up almost 500 years into the future. There, he is enlisted to help fight a war between several gangs in what was once America.

The Hollywood Reporter gives us the latest.


Mint Hill, Marcus, and The Menace

© King Features Syndicate

Showcasing its town clock in the panel gives the Mint Hill Times a reason to profile local cartoonist Marcus Hamilton.

Marcus continues the tradition of Dennis the Menace, and on Wednesday (December 9), Dennis will be staring right at Mint Hill’s Town Clock, curious as to who else measures days and nights by its time. 


Popeye joins Flash Gordon and The Phantom

© King Features Syndicate

Popeye dolls action figures coming from Boss Fight Studio.

The pop culture specialist and action figures aficionado, Boss Fight Studio has struck up a new partnership with King Features Syndicate to create and launch a range of action figures and collectables based on Popeye the Sailor comics and cartoons.

Give that company a “see-gar.”


40 Laugh Out Loud panel Cartoons by Charlie Hankin

© Charlie Hankin

Bored Panda introduces me to another outstanding cartoonist.


Essential: The Comics Page


Due to a production error, the comics page from Tuesday ran again in Wednesday’s paper. The comics from Wednesday are available for subscribers in the Dec. 9 E-edition at kenoshanews.com. Readers who would like to receive a PDF file of Wednesday’s comics, can send an email request to kenoshanews00@gmail.com. 

Yeah, you screw up the funny pages and you better make it right or expect an avalanche of angry mail.

Because, as Natalie Holsten in the Idaho Press explains, the comics page is essential.

The Friday after Thanksgiving, this newspaper inadvertently left out the comics page. After rifling several times through all the pages to make sure I hadn’t missed it, I sighed and said to my husband, “Looks like they left out the comics.” He shrugged, and I chided myself for how bummed I felt. You are a grown adult! Not having the comics for one day should not get you down!

My disappointment got me to thinking about the comics page, and why I love it so much.

© Peanuts Worldwide LLC

There are some soulless national newspapers out there that don’t even have comics pages, and really, if you don’t have comics, why even exist? I’m grateful that this paper continues to carry quality comics, and even for the occasional comics page omission that makes me realize how much I love reading the comics.