GoComics Adds Al Goodwyn Editorial Cartoons

cartoons by Al Goodwyn; © Creators Syndicate

This summer we noted that GoComics was cutting some comic strips and cartoons from the hundreds they carry, so let’s carry some good news that GoComics has recently added a feature.

Conservative political cartoonist Al Goodwyn, distributed through Creators Syndicate, joined the GoComics roster in October. The GoComics archive only goes back to October 12, 2020 (though I believe the page went up a week or so after that).
The Creators Syndicate page for Al goes back to July of 2020.

From Creators cartoonist profile:

Al Goodwyn’s cartoons have appeared in numerous newspapers including The Washington Post, the Washington Times, Politico and the Washington Examiner. He began cartooning in 1989 when he put his physics education and technical experience to work for an international physics publication, The Health Physics News … In 1997, he expanded into editorial cartoons for a local newspaper, the Aiken Standard in South Carolina … In 2002, Goodwyn considerably reduced his editorial cartooning work due to his day-job commitments. After 2017, Goodwyn needed the itch of cartooning scratched, so he turned again to editorial cartooning …

Living close to the area Al occasionally finds his way into Mike Rhode’s ComicsDC blog.