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Comic Strips: Recent News and Revues

November 7 Cartooning Workshop for Beginners with Rick Stromoski

art © Rick Stromoski

Learn how to draw cartoon characters and animals with Rick Stromoski. Kids will gain an understanding of how to create an infinite number of characters and a variety of expressions just by altering a few shapes and/or lines to a drawing. Students will be encouraged to express their vision and interpretation of the exercises.

Registration is required.


Agnes is Nuts, But Tony is Crazy

Agnes © Tony Cochran

This past week Tony Cochran decided to tread in dangerous waters/skate on thin ice/touch that third rail when he spent a few days satirizing religious leaders in Agnes.
It begins on October 27 and runs the rest of the week.


AMP Editor Lucas Wetzel talks Making Comic Books

characters © their respective copyright owners

Ever wonder how your favorite comics and graphic novels are made? Meet Lucas Wetzel, the books editor for Big Nate, Phoebe and Her Unicorn, and other fan-favorites from the funny papers! Take a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to make a book and work with cartoonists, with tips on how to start telling your own stories!

A 7¾ minute video, with a link to free comics.


The Private Who Sleeps as The Ghost Who Walks

above art by Sam Klein, Beetle Bailey and characters © King Features Syndicate

Beetle Bailey is a popular comic publish by Egmont and in the latest issue 18/2020 it features a three page story with a heavy influence of the Phantom. The comic has been published in Sweden, Norway and will probably be published in Denmark.

If you lived in Scandinavia you would be reading Beetle Bailey and The Phantom comic books.


But Beetle Calls Camp Swampy Home, Not The Skull Cave

Camp Swampy owned by the U. S. Government; © King Features Syndicate

Brian Walker recently gave us a couple views of where Beetle soldiers on.


2020 Ringo Award Winners

Nancy © United Feature Syndicate; Fried Rice © Erica Eng

The mostly comic book Ringo Awards has a couple comic strip categories.

  • Best Webcomic: Fried Rice, Erica Eng
  • Best Comic Strip or Panel: Nancy, Olivia Jaimes, Andrews McMeel Universal


Need $3,800 for the 2020 News Syndicates Market Report


Latest research document on ‘News Syndicates’market is added in AMA database providing detailed insights on growth factors and future strategies.

A newspaper syndicate is also known as a press syndicate or feature syndicate. These are the agencies that sell to newspapers and other media special writing work. Generally written by a journalist or eminent authority. It is a fundamental service to spread the cost of expensive features among users. Syndicates came into the United States at the end of the civil war.

Study by Type (News Articles, Columns, Political Cartoons, Comic Strips), Application (Public, Commercial), Services (Newspaper Syndicate, Press Syndicate, Feature Syndicate), Features (News Paper, Magazine, Websites)

Technoweekly reports on the 2020 AMA Comprehensive Study.


The Most Important Election of Your Lifetime

Garfield © Viacom; Heathcliff © Creators Syndicate

Garfield or Heathcliff? Two orange fat cats … only one will leave victorious.

We don’t have to wait until the morning of November 4th (or later),
the results are in and Olive Brinker has them – broken down by state.


Gil © Norm Feuti

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