Notes on Some Syndicated Comics

Dethany is On The Fastrack to get married this week
as she begins her walk down the aisle today.

Dethany and On the Fastrack © King Features Syndicate

Which one did the readers choose for her wedding gown?


It seems Thatababy is celebrating a long Halloween night (since last Thursday).

Thatababy © Paul Trap, distributed by Andrews McMeel Syndication

That art colored black and blue with the bold black and white lettering is great.
And it really must stand out on the comics page whether in color or black and white.


Speaking of coloring … big hat tip to John Deering.

Strange Brew © Creators Syndicate

The watercolors have been featured since September 28, and they’re looking great.
Special bonus: today’s Strange Brew has a witches’ cauldron!


There is a cartoonist pattern emerging with Mallard Fillmore lately.

Mallard Fillmore © King Features Syndicate

Comic creator Bruce Tinsley has returned for the Monday and Tuesday strips and every other Sunday page (October 12 & 13, 19& 20, 26 & ??, and Sundays October 18, November 1, etc.) with guest cartoonist Loren Fishman doing the rest.


Signing outside the box.

Bliss © Harry Bliss, distributed by Tribune Content Agency

Since October 23 (yeah, 3 days out of 15 years) Harry has been signing the Bliss panel below everything.