John Glynn and Andrews McMeel Part Ways


Andrews McMeel Universal has released the following statement:

After a 20 year career, John Glynn is leaving Andrews McMeel Universal. Effective October 21, John will no longer serve as editor for The Daily Cartoonist and his feature on GoComics, Ask a Portly Syndicate Person, will be ending. We thank John for his many contributions.

We wish John the bluest skies.

caricature by Michael Cavna; photo from National Cartoonists Society

9 thoughts on “John Glynn and Andrews McMeel Part Ways

  1. He has presided over some very good things, such as the debut of Olivia Jaimes, and some less fortunate things such as the removal of strips from GoComics, but presumably there must always be compromises in business.

    I with him happiness in his future endeavours,

  2. Sorry to hear John is moving on, but I hope it’s for greener pastures (insert cow-pie gag here). He has always been a pleasure to deal with (great sense of humor) and I wish him the best.

  3. You have become one of my favorite reads daily! Oh shucks I am going to miss you very much!!! What will I do now? Is someone going to replace you? Is this the end of an era? OMG WTF? Thanks for making this the saddest day I have had since my father died….. ??????????

  4. Rachie, The Daily Cartoonist continues with Mike Peterson and D.D.Degg as it has for the past couple years.

  5. Sorry to hear he’s leaving, and I hope his career flourishes. I well and truly appreciate him for the way he kept Frog Applause alive.

  6. I am grateful to John for his advocacy of Frog Applause, which was on the chopping block at GoComics but was saved for the present by an outpouring of fan support. I sincerely hope that these two events were not connected. I wish him well and hope he lands on his feet in a better situation.

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