These Days – Stan Mack’s New Comic Panel

The Santa Barbara Independent has announced that famed cartoonist Stan Mack is now contributing a “new occasional feature” called These Days to the alternative weekly:

These Days, the new occasional feature that Mack has begun contributing to the Independent, pushes off from the overheard street scenes of Manhattan into the bewildering, often isolated, always borderline absurd era of the current global pandemic. Using text derived from phone interviews, Mack delivers — this time in a single-frame format — trenchant, pitch-perfect snapshot/soundbites of contemporary life. The Indy is honored to host his remarkable talent in this latest, most timely manifestation.

The announcement was published in the October 1st issue, but I haven’t seen it in any edition yet.

The Santa Barbara Independent has an archive dating back to April 2020.

These Days joins a list of comics created by Stan Mack that includes
Stan Mack’s Real Life Funnies
Mule’s Diner
Stan Mack’s Out-Takes
Max & The Black Bots
Stan Mack’s Real MAD

all art © Stan Mack