The Future of American Political Cartooning

With print news receding, online sources proliferating (and become more partisan), and digital tools opening new aesthetic horizons, what is happening to this form of visual commentary, once the shared experience of every reader with a newspaper and a cup of coffee? In this virtual symposium, prominent artists representing different generations and regions of the country will share their insights and projections as their creative field, once a stable part of the newsprint infrastructure, experiences upheaval and a tenuous future.

As the 2020 Presidential election nears, join the UVA Library, keynote speaker Keith Knight, special guest Pat Oliphant, and some of the country’s most influential political cartoonists for in-depth discussions of the field today and tomorrow.

The University of Virginia Library presents Pat Oliphant, Kieth Knight, Jen Sorensen, Matt Bors, Adam Zyglis, Warren Craghead, Signe Wilkinson, Tom Gibson, Rob Rogers, Ann Telnaes, and Kevin Kallaugher on October 22-24 “for in-depth discussions of the field today and tomorrow.”

Schedule and registration for this virtual symposium at UVa.