A (Belated) Happy 90th to R. O. Blechman

R. O. (Bob) Blechman, a master of animation and illustration, celebrated his 90th birthday on October 1, 2020. Whether on animation cels or as ink on paper Blechmans lines are instantly recognizable (and much imitated).

Steven Heller, at Print, joins in the celebration of his friend.

above: covers for The New Yorker and Story

From 2009 is Jeet Heer interviewing Blechman for The Comics Journal.


Is it too early for Christmas? Blechman has been associated with the holiday throughout his career.

More at Bob Blechman’s website.

Wishing R. O. Blechman a very happy birthday!


hat tip to Mike Rhode for the heads up about our newest Senior Stripper