Senior Strippers (2020 edition)

Happy Birthday Frank Thorne, born June 16, 1930!

Stroud: You’ve done syndicated strip work on Perry Mason.  How did that come about?
Thorne: I was 20 years old and walked in to King Features with my samples, they gave me the Perry Mason Daily and Sunday.
Stroud: Was it a good gig?  A strip seemed to be the holy grail back in the day.
Thorne: The pay was huge! We bought a house and a yellow convertible.
Stroud: What was your typical production rate?
Thorne: I knocked the daily and Sunday (which I hand colored) each week for near two years.

Frank becomes the newest member of our Senior Strippers club,
cartoonists who for 90+ years continue to survive “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”

Below is, as best as I can determine, a list of cartoonists who continue to carry on past 90 years.


cartoonist ERNIE POIGNANT February 4, 1919


comic book and comic strip cartoonist AL JAFFEE March 13, 1921

comic book artist LILY RENEE PHILIPS  May 12, 1921

comic book and comic strip artist BOB FUJITANI October 15, 1921

gag and comic strip cartoonist ROGER BRADFIELD September 24, 1924

editorial cartoonist JIM IVEY April 25 15, 1925

gag cartoonist HENRY MARTIN July 15, 1925

cartoonist and illustrator SANDY KOSSIN June 4, 1926

gag cartoonist GEORGE BOOTH June 28, 1926

comic book and comic strip artist MEL KEEFER July 2, 1926

cartoonist EMIL V. ABRAHAMIAN September 1, 1926

comic book artist FRANK GIUSTO September 6, 1926

comic book and comic strip artist RAMONA FRADON October 2, 1926

comic book, comic strip, gag cartoonist ORLANDO BUSINO October 10, 1926

comic book artist JOE SINNOTT October 16, 1926

illustrator HILARY KNIGHT November 1, 1926

comic book and comic strip cartoonist HY EISMAN March 27, 1927

comic book and comic strip artist YAROSLAV HORAK June 12, 1927

illustrator and comic book artist MORT KUNSTLER August 28, 1927

comic book and comic strip cartoonist JACK KATZ September 27, 1927

comic book and comic strip artist SY BARRY March 12, 1928

comic strip artist SYDNEY JORDAN May 28, 1928 (1931?)

comic book cartoonist BOB BOLLING June 9, 1928

comic book and comic strip artist JOE GIELLA June 27, 1928

comic book and gag cartoonist DON OREHEK August 9, 1928

cartoonist JULES FEIFFER January 26, 1929

cartoonist ARNOLD ROTH February 25, 1929

cartoonist PAUL COKER March 5, 1929

caricaturist and illustrator EDWARD SOREL March 26, 1929

editorial cartoonist ART VAN RHYN April, 1929

humorist FRANK JACOBS May 30, 1929

cartoonist and puzzle maker DICK ROGERS June 19, 1929

comic book artist VIC CARRABOTTA June 24, 1929

comic book artist DON PERLIN August 27, 1929

comic strip and gag cartoonist FRANK HILL September 10, 1929

comic book writer and editor SID JACOBSON October 20, 1929

editorial cartoonist CHARLIE DANIEL December 14, 1929

comic book artist JOHN ROMITA January 24, 1930

political and gag cartoonist KENNETH MAHOOD February 4, 1930

editorial cartoonist YARDLEY JONES May 2, 1930

comic book and comic strip cartoonist FRANK THORNE June 16, 1930


Lost since last year’s list:
Bil Canfield, Murray Olderman, Dana Fradon, Allen Bellman, Frank Bolle,
Gene Deitch, Phil Hirsch, Alberto Uderzo, Hy Fleishman, Mort Drucker.
Missing from last year’s list is Pete Wyma – found evidence that Pete died in 1993.

Corrections and additions are welcomed and encouraged.