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Peyote Cowboy: In The Old (Bizarro) West

So you’ve been wondering what Dan Piraro has been up to since giving up Bizarro dailies to Wayno? Apparently he’s been experimenting…

…with a different genre and a different format – a graphic novel in serial form.

Dan expands our consciousness with an introduction/explanation:

Five years ago a scene from a story dropped into my head from who-knows-where and I jotted it down. Not knowing then where it would eventually lead, I had unwittingly begun creating a graphic novel, and today I’m ready to start sharing it with you. 

Told in the style of magical realism, Peyote Cowboy is a surreal story of a cowboy who, in trying to save his son, loses him in a world he can barely make sense of. 

Dan continues to enlighten us:

I invite you to visit, read the first installment, and see what you think. If you like it, please consider dropping your email address into the subscription form at the bottom of the page and you’ll receive an email from me once a week to direct you to the latest episode. Peyote Cowboy in its entirety will be available to read online for free, will never cost you a cent, and I’ll never share your email address with anyone, not even for money. 

A couple of things to note: If you like the introductory sequence on the home page and decide to move on to the EPISODES section, you can skip ahead to Episode 4, entitled “Big Bang,” as the intro includes the first three episodes. I’ll post Episode 5 next Tuesday, Sept. 8.

I’d also suggest you check out the ABOUT section and watch my video pitch at the bottom of the page. It’ll tell you more about what I’m up to and, if you only know my comics, you’ll see how I don’t look or sound like you imagined I would because people never do, somehow.

Peyote Cowboy promises to be quite a trip into the Old West.

hat tip to Mike Peterson for turning me on to this


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#1 Brett Mount
@ 4:27 am

I’ll certainly read it for a bit, if only to see how it distinguishes itself from Dope Rider.

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