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CSotD: The Roots of All Evil

Apparently, while my somewhat well-curated feed was telling me about other, less important things going on in the world, all Hell broke loose in some other corner of the universe, because I woke up this morning to a flood of cartoons attacking Nancy Pelosi for getting her hair done.

Steve Breen‘s is the least personally insulting of these ad feminam attacks, though I’d point out that you have to be nearly as old as Nancy Pelosi to remember the Clairol ads his caption references.

But that’s okay: Old conservatives can hate Pelosi and young conservatives can hate AOC and we can all agree that attractive, highly intelligent women with attitude are a grave threat to the nation and, besides, what about her emails?

Which is more polite than joking that the outrage here is because rightwingers hate the sort of people who examine their Roots, but I can’t go there anyway because it turns out I’m a distant cousin of Charles Correll.

So I’ve been sitting for the past 40 years on a joke about tracing my Roots back to Amos & Andy, and if I have been smart enough not to let that one fly, I’m not gonna kid around on the topic now.

But I guess Pelosi cares about her small-r-roots, which is kind of too bad because I have seen several women use the quarantine as a time to finally begin rocking the gray, a look I find very attractive.

However, that is hardly the factor by which I judge women even in my own trivial circle, much less in the halls of leadership, hence my puzzlement over what talk radio blowhard or Fox-and-Friends spokesmodel got everyone so ramped up over this.

Anyway, Pelosi says she was invited to the salon by the owner who may be the person who leaked the video and of course she didn’t have a mask on when she was dripping wet but it was there and so presumably she wore it otherwise and let’s see if Donald Trump knows all the local ordinances in Queens, much less in his alleged hometown of Palm Beach.

Or, to boil it down and put it in terms used in Breen’s hometown of San Diego, Wgasa?

We’ll see, in the next 48 hours or so, if cartoonists are equally outraged by Dear Leader’s suggestion that people vote by mail and then go to the polls and attempt to vote again in person, which he says will show if your ballot arrived.

But which (A) wouldn’t work and (B) sounds like soliciting voter fraud and attempting to create longer lines at polling places.

I’ll wait for the cartoons to delve into this, but let’s just point out that when the Diaper Don says something this asinine, we have to stop and wonder if it’s part of some incredibly clever plot or if he’s simply that foolish.

Not that the answer is of any value to the national interest.

Oh, and we’ve just declared several senior members of the World Court to be terrorists.

And Dear Leader wants to cut off federal funding to cities with Democratic mayors.

But, hey, Nancy got a haircut! Call out the National Guard!


We could add 182,000 dead Americans to the list of things that matter more than Nancy Pelosi’s haircut, but, as Darrin Bell notes, Dear Leader has promised to solve that problem by Election Day.

Just as he promised to release his tax returns after the last election and promised to roll out his replacement for the Affordable Care Act, what, a month ago?


Still, let’s be fair: As Matt Wuerker points out, dead Americans are like budget deficits: They only matter when the Democrats are in power.

Aside from four dead in Benghazi being more important than 182,000 dead in these United States, Wuerker points out that funding programs for people to make end-of-life decisions is far worse in Republican eyes than simply standing by and watching them die and shrugging it off as inevitable.


There’s logic in their position: As Mike Luckovich points out, their reliance on herd immunity will eventually prove valid, as soon as all those pesky non-immune people are dead and can’t vote the wrong way.


Or, as Michael de Adder points out, carry around cans of soup, just looking to overthrow the government by force and vegetables.


When soup is mocked, only mock turtles will have soup.


Although, if we’re going to cite Alice, the more relevant section is the one in which she is assured that it’s indeed possible to believe many impossible things at once, by an authority on that who, however, freaks out over terribly minor problems.

Lewis Carroll isn’t any more reassuring than George Orwell , but at least he offers more laughs.


After all, Morten Morland suggests, this is a time when we could use a few laughs, since we certainly aren’t being offered much hope, never mind any solutions, from a leadership that basks in chaos, as Dear Leader’s most faithful harpy noted on her way out the door:

The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order. — Kellyanne Conway


Community Comments

#1 Kip Williams
@ 11:45 am

Handy Flow Chart:

Y: She shouldn’t have gotten her hair done to begin with!
N: Shocking! What a hypocrite!

Y: Shocking! What a hypocrite!
N: Let’s make up nicknames for her, like “Grey Roots!” or “Dye Job!” or “Shocking Hypocrite”!

Y: Shocking! What a wealthy, pampered hypocrite!
N: Shocking! Why didn’t she just get it done at home?

Heads: Shocking! What a hypocrite!
Tails: Doesn’t she even care how she looks?

#2 Mary McNeil
@ 5:05 pm

Actually, Kellyanne’s comment is true – it just doesn’t point to the candidate she intended it to endorse.

#3 phil von neupert
@ 5:36 pm

Stupid move on Pelosi’s part. Unfortunately, a lot of Trump supporting business owners are untrustworthy. They DO know how to spot the rest of us, so I guess we’ll have to learn to keep our eyes open. Pretty sad commentary, really, but that’s the way things are. I hope Joe Biden isn’t being naive in trying to “bring us together.” I don’t think Trump’s people are ready to cooperate.

#4 Paul Berge
@ 8:21 pm

On tracing your roots back to Amos & Andy:
One of my grandmothers came from a well-to-do family that supposedly dates back to colonial times. Her grandmother brushed off her questions about the family lineage by telling her that they could trace the family back on one side to the Adamses and on the other side to the Lords. And that was far enough back for anybody.

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