Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Sunday Comics Survey

The Lubbock (Texas) Avalance-Journal, a Gannett newspaper, is asking its readers
to fill out a survey to pick favorite comic strips for their Sunday Funnies.

We’re checking in with our readers to see which comics they prefer as we continually evaluate our offerings.

Please let us know your favorite newspaper comics by taking our free survey here.

Your responses will be anonymous and will help us as we work to make sure we’re bringing you the comics you like best!

Pick up to 18
Below are the choices, with currently running Sunday comics emboldened:

Pearls Before Swine

For Better or For Worse*
Family Circus* (sic)

Dennis The Menace*

Beetle Bailey*
Doonesberry (sic)

Argyle Sweater
Wizard of ID*
Rose is Rose

One Big Happy
Frank and Ernest
Gasoline Alley
Hagar (sic)
Mark Taril (sic)
Non Sequitor (sic)
Lockhorns (sic)
Red Rover (sic)
Shermans Lagoon (sic)
Fminus (sic)
Free range (sic)
Skylock Fox
Flow with friends (sic)
Daddys Home (sic)
Diamond Lil
Mother Goose
*Those marked with an asterisk run on the daily comics page.

note: Pickles* and Fred Basset* run in the A-J Sunday (and daily) comics but not listed on the survey. Big Nate runs on their daily comics page but is not offered as a choice for Sunday inclusion.

One thought on “Lubbock Avalanche-Journal Sunday Comics Survey

  1. Wow, they print a lot of Sunday comics. The Los Angeles Times only prints 3 pages of comics with the 4th devoted to the crossword puzzle, Sudoku, Bridge, and “Ask Amy”. But, I’m surprised the Lubbock paper does not print the Sunday “Pearls Before Swine”. It’s the best PBS of the week, puns and all!

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