Al Roker Recalls His 10 Week Cartooning Career

National Cartoonists Society ACE Award recipient (and television weather man) Al Roker “answered reader questions on the ‘Today’ show Tuesday morning, including one from a fan who asked what he and his colleagues wanted to be when they were kids.”

“I wanted to be an animator for Walt Disney,” Roker said. “I’m an amateur cartoonist, loved Disney cartoons. So that’s what I wanted to do.”

“I had a strip for about six months at The Syracuse New Times,” Roker said, referring to “Salt & Pepper,” which debuted in Oct. 3, 1976, in the now shuttered newspaper.

“(It was about) a black guy and a white guy. The white guy’s name was Pepper and the other guy was named Jeremy Salt. They were two dudes hanging out.” (The Post-Standard) reports on Al’s reminiscing.