Steenz’s Heart Replaces Jaimes’s Nancy in St. Louis

Trailblazing St. Louis comic strip artist debuts in hometown Post-Dispatch

That’s the headline introducing Heart of the City to newspaper’s readers:

Beginning on Monday, the Post-Dispatch will carry “Heart of the City,” which Steenz took over drawing in April. It had been drawn by Mark Tatulli since 1998. The strip is about middle schooler Heart Lamar, who lives with her single mom in Philly. The GoComics site describes Heart as “a girl with big dreams and a love of drama.” The story follows Heart’s challenges, milestones, friendships and adventures.

Steenz, now 29, graduated from Parkway North High School and studied art at Maryville University for three years before dropping out because she couldn’t afford the tuition anymore. But the possibility of making a living through her art had never seemed like a viable possibility to her.

The Post-Dispatch also profiles Cartoonist Steenz along with introducing Heart.

But something had to go to make room, and…

“Heart of the City” will replace “Nancy.”

We hope that won’t put a damper on the respect and friendship ‘twixt the two.
After all, Steenz is from St. Louis and Jaimes is from … The Phantom Zone?

above: Olivia Jaimes does Heart (left) and Christina Stewart does Nancy (right)