Rhymes With Orange as Interactive Comic Strip

Welcome to the Comic of The Future, brought to you by Rhymes With Orange, King Features, and Mental Canvas.

From Rhymes With Orange:

The King Features’ syndicated cartoon Rhymes With Orange has teamed up with Mental Canvas to bring you a cartoon that you can virtually jump into and explore. What’s the cartoon about? No spoiler alert! All we’ll say is that it takes place in an art gallery— one with a lot of hidden stuff you’ll have to hunt for and discover. Bonus for you if you’re an art lover, and enjoy visiting galleries — here’s one you can roam through without having to wear a mask! Okay, that’s all we’ll say about it. The first rule of cartooning? “Show-Don’t-Tell”… so jump into it now and explore.

By way of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Mental Canvas’ technology allows for the creation of an interactive comic, one where you are able to pinch, zoom, and click your way through a whimsical art gallery that comes straight from the mind and pen of Rhymes With Orange artist Rina Piccolo.

With the move from print to digital formats, comics have largely remained the same as their printed counterparts. Mental Canvas expands the storytelling capabilities available in classical print media in a way that makes comics more engaging, more entertaining, more fun. Viewers can interact with comics in a way that is only possible in a digital medium.

Mental Canvas™ is a software company that is developing a new class of graphical-media-design system that lies between today’s 2D digital draw-and-paint systems and 3D computer-aided design systems, combining the ease and fluidity of sketching with expansive 3D capabilities.

Rhymes With Orange is, of course, the award winning comic by Hilary B. Price and Rina Piccolo.

above: the July 31 Rhymes With Orange cartoon promoting their interactive comic strip

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  1. “Makes comics more engaging, more entertaining, more fun.”

    Also more work. Can’t see doing seven of those a week.

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