Classic Illustrated: Constitution Illustrated

Classics Illustrated adapted famous books to the comic book format,
R. Sikoryak has done the same with one of the world’s most famous documents.

Utilizing comic characters and their creators’ styles Sikoryak has adapted The United States Constitution word for word into comic book format. As Boing Boing says:

Cartoonist R. Sikoryak’s talent for mimicking other cartoonists, from Krazy Kat‘s George Herriman to Nancy‘s Ernie Bushmiiler, is uncanny. He has a new book out, called Constitution Illustrated, published by Drawn & Quarterly and I have been marveling at the illustrations. The publisher kindly gave me permission to run some samples so you can see the versatility of Sikoryak’s work.


Yes, Boing Boing has a preview! Here are a few samples:

View the above and more pages at Boing Boing, then Buy the Book.

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  1. And Trump still won’t read it.

    Maybe it should be a Rankin-Bass stop motion special…

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