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Mark Evanier Interviews Sergio Aragones (Video)

Mark Evanier spends part of every summer heading numerous panels at the San Diego Comic Con, Mark being one of the most knowledgeable people about comics and cartooning and animation in the world. But this year that San Diego week has fallen through. Mark and Comic Con International are going to try work out something, like distance interviewing. So to see how it would work Mark got friend Sergio Aragonés to launch the experiment.

This is just a wonderful inaugural episode. Mark and Sergio are long-time friends, long-time working associates, and long-time National Cartoonists Society brothers. All that is evident as they enjoy themselves discussing Sergio’s career. While we enjoy listening in as the friends reminisce.

More Mark at his regular home on the internet.

Sergio at his website. And so much more, but still not enough, Sergio at Amazon.

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