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Tom Richmond’s Daily Coronacature Page

Famed caricaturist Tom Richmond has a new project.

Alicia Eler and the Star Tribune explain:

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, his upcoming ComicCon appearances in Anaheim and San Diego got canceled. Then a fan reached out, asking Richmond if he’d be willing to do a daily caricature exercise with people via social media. He would pick a subject to caricature, draw it himself, and then ask others to do the same.

For the past month, Richmond and his fans have been posting like mad to the Facebook group Tom’s Daily Coronacature! and on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #tomsdailycoronacature.


For example today, April 30, Tom put up a few pictures of Amy Poehler.

That is followed by a number of fellow caricaturists and fans posting their stylish takes:

clockwise from top left: Alan Hi, Julio Cesar Ibarra Warnes, Maurice Zabuski, Espen Skevik Baklid

And, along with many more than the few shown here, we get Tom’s caricature of the subject:

The Minnesota Star Tribune tells how the pandemic has affected Tom,
and will disappoint at least one family this summer.

Because of the pandemic, he might not be at Valleyfair this summer for what would be his 30th season there, but the memories he’s made will live on.

“I remember drawing the same family every year from when their kids were little tiny babies to graduating from high school,” he said. “They had probably 18 to 20 caricatures that I did, and they said they lined them up in their rec room downstairs and watched their kids grow up in cartoon.”

Follow along, and join in, at Tom’s Daily Coronacature!
then get some background and more at Tom’s Mad Blog.

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