Sunday Funnies and Winter Weirdness

It is strange the inordinate amount of time it took me to figure out how they transmogrified
the Prince Valiant half page into a tabloid page. Far longer than it should have.



Frazz, B.C., and Over The Hedge, on weird winters.




I mentioned last week about James Allen‘s new art style. Well…
this week the Sunday Mark Trail has a woodcut feel to it.



I am accustomed to comics using slightly altered versions of businesses’ trademarked names.
Like in today’s, and, unfortunately, last, installment of Norm Feuti’s Retail:

So I was surprised at today’s Dennis the Menace using an exact logo!



Sunday love to the Betty onomatopoeia. Impressive lettering art!



Oh, that Prince Valiant in tab page format:

hat tip: Doc Vassalo and the New York Sunday News