Norm Feuti’s Retail Closing – update (closed)

original January 19, 2020 item:

Norm Feuti has announced that he is ending his Retail comic strip.

After a little more than 14 years, I’ve decided to retire my comic strip, RETAIL. The final installment will run on Sunday, February 23, 2020.

I’ve been lucky in recent years to have multiple opportunities creating children’s books, and have decided to take my career in this new direction.

I’d like to thank the fans who read the comic over the years. I hope it made your time behind the cash register a little more bearable.

I am exploring options for the digital archive of RETAIL after it finishes its run. Once I’ve found it a digital home, I will be sure to announce it.


Norm Feuti


by Norm Feuti
January 1, 2006 – February 23, 2020
King Features Syndicate


Norm, by way of his weekly Gil comic strip, still appears in the newspaper – if your newspaper is
The Providence Journal.

Gil can be read at Norm’s site, or older ones at GoComics.
That will have to tide us over until Norm’s next goodness.

hat tip to Becky for the heads up on the Retail announcement


update February 23, 2020

With Retail by Norm Feuti ending today, here’s a First and Last entry.

above – the First Sunday (January 1, 2006)
below – the first daily strip (January 2, 2006)


above – the last daily strip (February 22, 2020)
below – last Sunday strip (February 23, 2020)

King Features Syndicate and Comics Kingdom say goodbye to Retail.


14 thoughts on “Norm Feuti’s Retail Closing – update (closed)

  1. Retail is the 3rd. newspaper comic strip to end in 2020 following the Pajama Diaries and Ask Shagg.

  2. That’s sad, for me. I just discovered Retail about a year ago, and it quickly became one of my favorites.

  3. You’re welcome. I go to his site every Sunday to read Gil, and was dismayed to see that message. I needed to share the news with others who would be just as sad.

  4. So sorry to see Retail end ! It will be missed ! I have been enjoying it for several years now !

  5. This is a sad day. Losing Retail and the Pajama Diaries makes the comics page a thin read. But thanks for the memories.

  6. I’ve been following this strip for years and have gotten really attached to the characters. I completely understand career transitions and the need to move on. I just wanted to say thank you, and that I will miss these characters very much. Best of luck!

  7. Retail was a KFS strip, so if there are reruns they’re likely to be on Comics Kingdom, not GoComics. That’s what happened to Pajama Diaries; OTOH Retail, still showing Sunday’s strip there this AM, has now disappeared from CK. And there’s this:

    “Norm is currently exploring options for a place to read the Retail archive online.”


  8. I will miss the strip, which I have been reading for a few years now. I worked retail after I got out of the army to help me get through college. There were some good times and some bad times. I didn’t care much for the work, but I liked the people. Thankfully, I never had to work for a Stuart. I wish Norm the best.
    Like many but sadly not every retail worker, he’s moving on to better things. .

  9. Thanks for all the great times, Norm! As someone who worked retail, the strip was so on target! Best of luck with the children’s books.

  10. Oh no! I just started reading this one about a year ago. It has quickly become my favorite. Best of luck in your new endeavors, but I am secretly hoping you reboot with the main characters starting their own store (after a well deserved break for the creator). 🙂

  11. I have read over 1000 different webcomics. Retail has consistently been one of my favourites. Thank you for many years of enjoyment.

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