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The Weed of Cartooning Bears Bitter Fruit! and other shady comic strip stuff

Today’s Reality Check by Dave Whamond

which immediately brought to mind, not Maxwell Grant’s, but Mike Kaluta’s The Shadow.


James Allen has now spent years as the signed artist of Mark Trail, and I, for one, am happy to see him drawing his own version of the character instead of lightboxing (or whatever) Jack Elrod‘s version.

And it looks like James is trying something new with the Sunday Mark Trail.

above: previous style; below: yesterday’s style

Waiting to see if it is a one-and-done experiment or if it will continue.


I was relieved to see Ann Telnaes’ Mo continue today after last week’s issue.

It seems there will be a change of scenery, but the strip seemingly continues.


Another comic I enjoyed today.


Speaking of something completely different (see Mark Trail above), Sunday’s Dog Eat Doug.


Still Sunday – God is discussed Over The Hedge.



Magazine strips.

Den of Geek has an exclusive look at the MAD #12 new Spy vs. Spy strips by Peter Kuper.


Also in MAD #12 (on sale February 19) is new Sergio Aragonés. Here’s old Sergio Aragonés.


above: Berni Wrightson




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#1 Brian Fies
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….Bringing it all around full-circle. Nice.

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