R. Crumb’s “Stoned Agin!” Strip to Auction

One of the most iconic Robert Crumb pages from his underground comix days
is going up for auction in late November at Heritage Auctions.

Robert Crumb’s original artwork for his famous comic strip ‘Stoned Agin’ will be offered for sale at Heritage Auctions next month.

The 1971 illustration has been described as a “cultural icon”, and will hit the block for the first time in Dallas on November 21 – 24 where it’s expected to fetch a high six-figure sum.

There are a number of “iconic” drawings by R. Crumb: Zap#0, his San Francisco Comic Book cover, Fritz the Cat book cover, and bunch of drawings that cannot be shown in family settings.


But “Stoned Agin!” has to be in the top five of any list of quintessential, recognizable Crumb art.
I would probably place it number two – right behind “Keep On Truckin’…”

Heritage Auctions says:

“This is a mesmerizing image that people will immediately recognize even if they have not heard the name R. Crumb – in fact, as an incredibly popular poster, this classic, hippy-era defining artwork is one of the most recognizable images to ever appear in one of our auctions!

“We have no doubt that interest will be higher than a kite on what will surely be not only the crowning piece of any Underground Comics art, but a key artwork from an entire era of American cultural history!”

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