Adam Zyglis, Buffalo News Image Maker

Buffalo News editorial cartoonist Adam Zyglis talks.

In 2015, Zyglist became the third editorial cartoonist for the Buffalo News to win a Pulitzer Prize following Toles (1990) and Bruce Shanks (1958).

“I would draw a cartoon on something like the Charlie Hebdo or something on a global issue, and all of a sudden I’m getting people sharing my cartoon and writing in Arabic or in French and in different languages and I’m realizing that people all around the world can view these cartoons and sometimes misinterpret them.”

“I think the best cartoons are courageous because they’re saying something maybe that we’re all thinking, but we are not publicly saying out loud. If we are, a cartoon can say that with maybe more force and more bite with satire. I think one element of a really good cartoon, and cartoons are designed to be different, they are not always identical, but a great cartoon often will engage the reader and make the reader do a little bit of work to kind of bridge the gap”

WBFO, Buffalo’s NPR News Station, interviews (and profiles) Adam Zyglis.