New Comic: Tales From Eno by Colby Stith

Young cartoonist Colby Stith has snagged a spot in Colony Magazine, a monthly distributed to the coastal area north of Los Angeles. Colby’s Tales From Eno panel will appear monthly beginning in August 2019.

Colby said that he’s been drawing comic strips since he was in the second grade and worked with his cousin on a project that eventually became his long-running “Planet Marshmallow” strip that ran in the Atascadero News from 2011-2016.

After working on the “Planet Marshmallow” strip for so many years, Colby said that he’s looking forward to working in the one-panel format.

“It gives me a little bit more creative freedom I think.”

Colby said that his sense of humor comes from his “comedy heroes,” Monty Python, Mel Brooks and their ilk.

Colony Magazine introduces their new cartoonist.