Counterpoint – Now 2X a Week

In just four months Counterpoint has been so successful
that it has added a second weekly edition to its output.
As explained when they opened it up to us:

We are more than just a roundup of recycled editorial cartoons from syndication; Counterpoint pays for original content. When we publish our newsletter, these are a collection of cartoons that haven’t been seen anywhere else.

Seeking Truth Through Diverse Perspectives

Counterpoint offer cartoons from the left and the right!

Now twice weekly, this week’s second round introduction to the new schedule:

You are not seeing double. You are just enjoying TWO versions of Counterpoint this week.
Henceforth (we have been dying to use the word “henceforth” in a sentence) we will be supplying you with a pair of cartoon collections –Tuesdays and Thursdays – featuring our normal bubbling brew of satirical slings from the left and the right.

And the introduction to the Thursday Slings and Arrows:

Today you will be entertained by six crafty cartoonists hurling their sharpened pens at the big issues of the week. Some will make you smile, some will make you wince, some will send you to Google to search a referenced gamer meme (but it’s worth it – trust us).


This week’s cartoonists include Eric Allie (above), Nick Anderson, Michael Ramirez, Chris Britt, Mike Lester, Michael de Adder, Rob Rogers, Lisa Benson, Darrin Bell, Nate Beeler, Ted Rall, and Scott Stantis.
All new! And all opinionated!


(And yeah, I did have to go to Google search.)