Another Monday by Chaplain (Maj.) Dicks Returns

The Fort Hood Sentinel welcomes back the Another Monday
comic panel by Chaplain (Maj) Stephen Dicks to its pages.

“Another Monday” is back. Due to a recent permanent change of station back to the Great Place, Chaplain (Maj.) Stephen Dicks, 1st Cavalry Division Artillery chaplain, will be a regular contributor to the Sentinel, injecting his artwork and humor through his cartoon comic strips.

Strangely Another Monday is published on Thursdays – The Fort Hood (Texas) Sentinel is a weekly newspaper for the Army post; and the first panel on the return was published on August 1, 2019.

The panel had run earlier in the paper:

“Another Monday” made its debut in the Sentinel back in 2015. Following a three year absence, we here at the newspaper are delighted for the return of the chaplain’s work.

The Fort Hood Sentinel welcomes back the Chaplin and the panel.

He said his goal, by sharing the comic strips, is to afford Soldiers of another way on how to cope with everyday life.

“That’s what I hope to get out of it, so people see the event, they can relate something in their life that’s been similar or to someone that they know of that has been similar,” Dicks said. “This is another way of building resilience in troops, which is part of what I do as a chaplain. It’s just another avenue to do it.”