Happy 90th Mort Drucker

Born March 22, 1929 is one of the greatest caricaturists of all time.

Mort Drucker becomes a Senior Stripper on the occasion of his 90th birthday.



World famous for his decades for satirizing movie and tv stars’ shows for MAD magazine,
he was much more that that. For example he is an amazing illustrator.


Before becoming world famous he spent some time in the comic book arena,
doing anything from one-page gags to multi-page adventures.


Mort did Benchley, a Washington D.C.-based comic strip that utilized his skill at drawing faces.


Big Name Caricaturist Tom Richmond tells his Mort Drucker story.


Mort has been recognized for his talents:

A Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame inductee.

A National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award winner.

Mort also was the inaugural recipient, by unanimous vote, of the
National Cartoonists Society’s lifetime achievement Medal of Honor Award.

We wish Mort a very Happy Birthday!



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  1. Happy Birthday, Mort! Reading MAD in the middle-70’s is probably why my sense of humor is so warped!

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