Senior Strippers

Happy Birthday Joe Giella, born June 27, 1928!
Joe becomes the latest creator to join the Senior Strippers list. A list of cartoonists who for 90+ years continue to survive “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.”

Below is, as best as I can determine, a list of cartoonists who continue to carry on past 90 years. Celebrating the addition of Joe Giella to the list and mourning the removal of Bill Lignante. Taking special joy that some (Joe Giella, Joe Sinnott, Al Jaffee, Hy Eisman, and others) continue an active career.


Comic book and comic strip artist Ken Bald – b. August 1, 1920

Editorial cartoonist Bil Canfield – b. October 8, 1920

Comic book and comic strip artist Al Jaffee – March 13, 1921

Sports cartoonist Murray Olderman – b. March 27, 1922

Magazine cartoonist (Arthur) Dana Fradon – b. April 14, 1922

Comic book writer/editor Stan Lee – b. December 28, 1922

*Comic book artist Luis Angel Dominguez – b. October 17, 1923 (?December 5?)

Comic book artist Allen Bellman – b. June 5, 1924

Comic book and comic strip artist Frank Bolle – b. June 23, 1924

Animator Gene Deitch – b. August 8, 1924

Comic strip cartoonist Roger Bradfield – b. September 22, 1924

Cartoonist and comics historian Jim Ivey – b. April 25, 1925

Magazine cartoonist Henry Martin – b. July 15, 1925

Comic book artist Lily Reneé (Philips) – b. ca. 1925

Comic strip cartoonist Tom K. Ryan – b. June 6, 1926

Magazine cartoonist George Booth – b. June 28, 1926

*Editor/compiler Phil Hirsch – b. August 18, 1926

Comic book and comic strip artist Ramona Fradon – b. October 2, 1926

Comic book, comic strip, magazine cartoonist Orlando Busino – b. October 10, 1926

Comic book and comic strip artist Joe Sinnott – b. October 16, 1926

Comic book and comic strip cartoonist Hy Eisman – b. March 27, 1927

Cartoonist Alberto Uderzo – b. April 25, 1927

Comic book artist Steve Ditko – November 2, 1927

Comic book and comic strip artist Sy Barry – b. March 12, 1928

**Comic strip artist Sydney Jordan – May 28, 1928? 1931?

Comic book and comic strip artist Joe Giella – b. June 27, 1928

and coming up later this year:

Cartoonist Don Orehek – b. August 9, 1928

*The status of Luis Dominguez and Phil Hirsch could not be confirmed.
** Sources differ on the birth year of Sydney Jordan.

Corrections and additions are welcomed and encouraged.

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Hat tip: Bob Buethe, Doc Vassallo, Tom Spurgeon, Bart Bush, Ron Evry, Roger Clark, Lenona

Updated to correct Steve Ditko’s birth date.